About Us

Hello & welcome to SophistiKated! 

I’m the owner, Sophie, I am a mother to 3 year old Max - he is the reason behind me setting up my own buisness. 

I didn’t feel in a position to return to my place of work, so in 2017 I made my first sale of a lunchbox - the first thing I’d ‘professionally’ made after a friend of mine asked where I bought the one I’d previously made for Max!

From that, my little buisness grew, more friends were ordering lunchboxes & bottles to match then somehow I’ve landed myself here! 

No matter how many customers I get or how many sales I make, I’m so humbled and grateful that you’ve decided to shop with me. 

When you support a small buisness, you’re supporting a dream - you’re helping put food on the table for a persons family. 

For you, I’m forever thankful. 

All my love,

S x